CMDWN, Ca$tro Guapo & Fiji – Atlanada 2 [Album] [Zip + 320]

CMDWN, Ca$tro Guapo & Fiji - Atlanada 2 [Album] [Zip + 320]

Today has been filled with high-profile releases from YG, Travis Scott, Mac Miller, and others. Refusing to get lost in the shuffle, CMDWN Collective members Ca$tro Guapo and Fiji came through with their original flavor, once again combining both of their city’s sounds to create the second part of their Atlanada series. The bi-national duo brings Atlanta and Toronto together, bringing along a few of their closest friends for the ride.

With features spots allotted to Key!, KILLY, Lil Wop, Pressa, and more, CMDWN brings along some of the hottest up-and-coming talents from their respective hometowns. Of course, Chief Keef makes an appearance near the beginning of the project on “Roxanne.” Atlanada 2 is one of the group’s most interesting works to date with stellar production being the real standout. Peep the tracklist below and let us know your favorite song from it in the comments.

CMDWN, Ca$tro Guapo & Fiji – Atlanada 2 [Album] [Zip + 320]


1. Strong
2. Roxanne (feat. Chief Keef)
3. Bermuda
4. Wtf Is That?! (feat. Key!)
5. Miss Me
6. Pockets Full
7. Hit & Run (feat. Lil Wop)
8. Icey (feat. KILLY)
9. Die In Supreme (feat. Nessly)
10. Paul Walker
11. Diamond Test (feat. Pressa)
12. bool (feat. Lil Berete)
13. Lucky Charms

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