Elephants on Acid – Cypress Hill [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

Elephants on Acid - Cypress Hill [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

The legendary Cypress Hill have announced that they will release their new album Elephants on Acid. This will be their first LP in eight years, the follow up to 2010’s Rise Up.

The new project from the Hip-Hop pioneers will be produced entirely by DJ Muggs, the architect behind Cyress Hill’s early success. With the announcement, the band has also shared the first single ‘Band of Gypsies’ along with a music video. The song has a crazy sound which they developed while on a recent trip to Egypt. They teamed up with local instrumentalists who could play oud, sitar, guitar, keyboard and flute as as well as singers to deliver the chorus.

“Psychedelic rock and stuff has been a big influence on me,” Muggs told Rolling Stone. “I’ve been listening to it since it was in my mother’s and my uncle’s collection. … I had the idea what the name of this record was going to be and then I just started building the whole sound around [it]. Just a whole sound like feeling like you’re high on hallucinogenic drugs – but you’re not on no drugs. I’d find street musicians.

Elephants on Acid – Cypress Hill [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

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