Kevin Gates – Luca Brasi 3 [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

Kevin Gates - Luca Brasi 3 [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

Kevin Gates is returning to the road see the fans that he dearly missed while he was incarcerated. In October, Gates will embark on the Luca Brasi 3 Tour, and one can guarantee that this will be one of the year’s most anticipated tours.

While he was in the system, Gates was still releasing new music. Granted, most of the songs on his mixtapes were written and recorded before his stint in prison, but these albums were a great sign that Gates hadn’t lost a step within hip-hop’s changing arena. Now that he’s out, he’s ready to get back into the game, and after his January release, he released Chained to the City, which produced two hits in “Change Lanes” and “Let It Sing.”

Chained in the City set the stage for his latest mixtape project, Luca Brasi 3, and to get the hype going behind the album, the tour will feature singles from both his past albums and a preview of what’s to come for Luca Brasi 3.

Kevin Gates – Luca Brasi 3 [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

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