Olivia Newton John – I Need Love [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Olivia Newton John - I Need Love [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Music superstar, movie icon and all-around living legend, Olivia Newton-John, celebrates her 70th birthday today (September 26). In honor of this milestone, I thought I would reflect on one of the (largely) forgotten entries in her glittering discography. After being a mainstay on pop radio for most of the ’70s and ’80s, ONJ was going through something of a transition period in the early ’90s. She had just released an album of children’s lullabies (I’m serious), but was suddenly hot again when “The Grease Megamix” randomly became a worldwide hit in 1990.

To capitalize on that success, Olivia did what any business-minded hitmaker would do — she rolled out a greatest hits album in 1992. And what better way to promote it than with a slinky banger produced by disco icon Giorgio Moroder? From the quintessentially ’90s club beats to the time capsule of a music video, which finds ONJ twirling in a mini-skirt, I adore everything about “I Need Love.” At 44, the Aussie vocalist was lovelier than ever and gave the current crop of divas a run for their money with her sexy purring and sultry stares. However, it didn’t quite connect with her fanbase.

“I Need Love” stalled at number 96 on the Billboard Hot 100 and only did slightly better in the UK (it reached number 75), which is a shame but it was, and still remains, one hell of a bop. Think about adding this forgotten gem to your favorite ONJ playlist on this holy day. Revisit the video below.

Olivia Newton John – I Need Love [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

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